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BUNDLE – Be Fit Not Skinny Meal Plan eBook & 30 Day Workout eBook

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Amanda Lee At-Home Booty Building eBook Program

Build a Booty with Amanda is a complete At-Home Booty Workout Plan using Amanda's very own proven exercises. Learn movements, correct form, along with diet and workout tips. eBook is 15 pages packed with full-color step by step exercises. Build a Booty now!

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Amanda Lee Be Fit Not Skinny - Meal Plan

My “Be Fit, Not Skinny” meal plan consists of all my personal favorite foods that
I eat everday. I don’t believe in diets, but rather a healthy lifestyle. This plan is
specifically designed for women who are looking to achieve a fit and healthy
physique through clean eating, not a diet where you deprive yourself.

My plan includes 4-6 meals per day. They are easy to prepare using the included
recipes. It is okay to substitute certain meals for others depending on preference.
I recommend this as a healthy example of how to plan meals, you may modify it
to fit your needs.

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